Easy, Painless and Effective 

There are many ways to give to many different and deserving entities. All want to impress on you why THEY deserve a portion of your disposable income. We focus the majority of our efforts on service projects; with over 12 projects per year we often have more than one per month. Most of our projects require us to give of ourselves, our time, our energy and our passion for contributing to our community and the world at large. But all of our projects require some degree of financial support. We understand no matter how great the desire to be generous is the means may not  be. Please consider contributing to our 501 (c) (3) non profit foundation. All donations made directly to our foundation are tax deductible and we also have two magnificent options that will cost NOTHING but still provide you with the satisfaction of being a generous donor. Now THAT'S a win-win for sure!

Amazon Smile

Do you shop on Amazon? If you do there is a simple and totally FREE (to you) way to donate a portion of your purchase price to us. All you have to do is log on to Amazon via In your account settings, indicate that you want to link your account to Rotary Austin Centennial Foundation, Inc.  Your shopping experience will be EXACTLY the same, all products, all perks, all shipping options will not vary. If you are a member of Amazon Prime all your Prime benefits will remain intact. The only difference is that Amazon will donate a portion of each and every total purchase amount from any qualifying purchase to our Foundation*. If the price is $24.99 you will STILL pay $24.99 but Amazon will take a portion of THEIR profit and donate it to us. Pretty cool, huh?


Everybody eats! And today's Randalls is so much more than just groceries. If you regularly shop at Randalls, please consider linking your Remarkable Card® to our Foundation. We've done all the background paperwork so all you need to do is tell your cashier or Customer Service agent that you want to link your card to Organization #13795. From then on, every qualifying purchase you make using your Remarkable Card® will generate a donation to our Foundation at NO COST to you; the donation comes from Randalls* as a thank you for shopping with them.

Direct Deposit

As easy and as painless as the first two options are there is also an equally easy yet faster way to make a greater impact with your generosity. Direct Deposit will allow you to create a schedule of regular deposits directly from your bank account to our Foundation. The donor establishes the amount and it is automatically deposited to our Foundation bank account. Because the Rotary Austin Centennial Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) any donation made directly from the donor to the Foundation is tax deductible. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS
*These donations are not tax deductible by the purchaser. The donations are made by the company and not registered as your personal donation.