Posted by Anna Johndrow
August is a lot more than just a very hot month in is also a hotbed of back-to-school activity for many families.  And getting new shoes to start the year out with both feet on the ground is always looked forward to. Laces for Leander is an event that was originated by one of our past presidents and the current Executive Director of Hill Country Ministries, Tiesa Hollaway.
Hill Country Ministries has embraced  this wonderful program under the guidance of Ms.Hollaway and with the assistance of many volunteers, to help young families provide brand new shoes to their school age children from Kindergarten to 12th grade.  The Rotary Club of Austin Centennial was there to help support HCM. We were happy to provide help for families with limited English for the fourth year running, through two of our members who are fluent in Spanish .   This year, shoes were distributed at the Leander United Methodist Church and the lines of eager parents and children stretched out into the parking lot.  A new pair of shoes for a new school year is a yearly milestone for all students, but for these kids in particular it was exceptionally gratifying to be able to help. "We had two boys, one about in the 8th or 9th grade bring his little brother who was going to 1st grade. They rode their bicycles because their mother was with their little sister at Girl Scouts. When the youngest took off his shoes, they literally fell off his feet!" commented Tiesa Holloway "We were able to put new shoes on both those boys and they were the happiest and proudest kids on the block!" Altogether, Hill Country Ministries surpassed their goal and were able to provide needed shoes to over 600 young people in Leander. It was a joy and a pleasure to assist them in this important work.
 It is a true joy to assist the Hill Country Ministries in this important project.