New and gently used handbags become a life saving tool to help victims of domestic violence. The Rotary Club of Austin Centennial participates every year in collecting bags for this worthy cause. Join us and clean out your closet too! Now, that's a win, win!
One of the projects we participate in every year is the Handbags for Hope. The Texas Advocacy Project collects gently used handbags ever year which then become important tools for providing protection to women escaping from domestic violence.  Each bag receives a label, discreetly stitched into the interior of the purse with the phone number for the legal hotline. When a woman flees a domestic violence scene she usually takes only two things with her ... her children and her purse. The Rotary Club of Austin Centennial collected over 100 bags in March of 2017 and we are already gearing up to collect even more for the drive in 2018. If you or anyone you know is clearing out closet space, be sure to think of us. Send an email to and we will make arrangements to collect your donation. We are an official 501 (c) 3, not for profit organization.