Every year we gather at a member's home to compose heartfelt messages for our men and women in the military. We have fun but we also know that those who are sacrificing their time with family and friends enjoy getting sincere messages of appreciation. This year we will re-boot this wonderful activity on August 29.
Our men and women in uniform are stationed all around the globe, protecting our rights and the lives of people they will never meet.  Every year we join forces with a local church to sit down and write messages to soldiers WE will never meet. We try to say something personal, something we really want to share with these young people who find themselves so far from the people they love and who love them back. 
Truth be told, we also have a good time; we share stories of our own Christmases past, we taste some fine wine and nibble on good gnoshes in the best of company. Being a doer provides ample opportunity to smile, laugh and rejoice in the true meaning of the 4 Way Test. And that's what it is all about!