Helping to create forever families is our singular, most moving, annual project. Our members come together eagerly and passionately to create an environment where prospective parents who have already begun the process of being approved to adopt are able to spend time with available foster children in a fun-filled day of activities, games, crafting and food.  Everyone has fun and there is no pressure, no tension, no false expectations. This leads to establishing bonds that can lead to a wonderful end for all.
We are proud to report that our yearly activity, held on the premises and grounds of the Journey Fellowship Church in Leander has proven to be a very successful event; particularly in helping to increase the adoption rate of older foster children who are traditionally at a disadvantage. We spend much of the year preparing for this event and come away every single time fully exhausted but exhilarated with the outcome! Join us to learn more about the Adoption Match.
We will again coordinate with the Journey Fellowship Church and CPS to execute this meaningful event, scheduled for June 9. Want to join us? Come visit us at one of our regular meetings and get to know how being a DOER can enrich YOUR life.  Every Tuesday at Freda's Seafood Grille at 10903 Pecan Park Boulevard in the Lakeline area.